MYRRHA: Multi-purpose hybrid research reactor for high-tech applications

SCK•CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre in Mol has been working for several years on the design of a multi-purpose irradiation facility in order to replace the ageing BR2 reactor, a multi-functional materials testing reactor (MTR), in operation since 1962.

MYRRHA, a flexible fast spectrum research reactor (50-100 MWth) is conceived as an accelerator driven system (ADS), able to operate in sub-critical and critical modes. It contains a proton accelerator of 600 MeV, a spallation target and a multiplying core with MOX fuel, cooled by liquid lead-bismuth (Pb-Bi).

Agenda of implementation

MYRRHA will be operational at full power around 2025. During the 2010-2014 period the following items will be accomplished:

  • The Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and the associated R&D programme.
  • The licensing process.
  • The set-up of the international consortium.

Construction of the facility and assembly of the components is foreseen in the period 2017-2021.

Three years (2022-2024) are foreseen for the full commissioning of the facility. The total investment cost is currently estimated at M€ 960 (€ 2009).

Reactor 3D