Proton beam specifications

The main properties for the MYRRHA proton beam are the result of technical evaluations based on the requirements and the present status of the core design.

Proton beam property Specification
Proton energy 600 MeV
Max. beam intensity 4 mA in Continuous Wave mode
Beam entry Vertically from above
Beam trip limits
Less than 10 per 3 months operation period exceeding 3 seconds
Unlimited below 3 seconds
Beam stability Energy: ± 1 %, Intensity: ± 2 %, Size: ± 10 %
Beam footprint on target Circular, "doughnut" ¢out = 100 mm, ¢in = 50 mm

Accelerator penetrates reactor vertically Beam 
The accelerator penetrates the reactor vertically
from the top
Doughnut shaped footprint of the proton beam on the spallation target

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