ISOL@MYRRHA: Fundamental scientific research at MYRRHA

ISOL@MYRRHA will be the Isotope Separator On Line (ISOL) facility operated in parallel with the MYRRHA installation. By using a small fraction of the MYRRHA proton beam, high-purity radioactive ion beams can be produced, which will belong to the most intense ISOL beams available in the world. These beams are needed for fundamental research in various fields of science including nuclear, atomic, and solid-state physics, fundamental interactions, and biology. Moreover, there will be opportunities for the production of innovative radioisotopes.

Thanks to the availability of long uninterrupted beam times and the high reliability of the MYRRHA accelerator, ISOL@MYRRHA will constitute a unique ISOL facility with a strong focus on precision experiments needing high statistics and accurate calibration and on experiments that hunt for very rare phenomena.

More information can be found on the ISOL@MYRRHA website.