MYRRHA in a nutshell

Our world is evolving at a rapid pace, with a growing population, globally spreading development and ever increasing needs. Continuing to fulfil the fundamental needs of our society requires technological advancement through scientific research. Good research demands appropriate tools. With the MYRRHA project, SCK•CEN is answering this demand by designing a flexible fast spectrum research reactor. MYRRHA will allow scientists to contribute to addressing key issues for our future world.

MYRRHA applications catalogue

  • Sustainable fission energy: demonstrate the physics and technology of an Accelerator Driven System (ADS) for transmuting long-lived radioactive waste
  • Sustainable energy: development of fast spectrum reactor and fusion technology
  • Enabling technologies for renewable energies: production of neutron irradiated silicon
  • Health care: production of radioisotopes for nuclear medicine
  • Science: fundamental research for the generation of new expertise in various fields.


The scope of MYRRHA

The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre is working since several years at the design of MYRRHA, a multi-purpose flexible irradiation facility, to replace the BR2 materials testing reactor (MTR). SCK•CEN is positioning MYRRHA as one of the corner stones of the European Research Area of Experimental Reactors (ERAER). MYRRHA will fulfil the role of European Technology Pilot Plant (ETPP) in the roadmap for the development of the lead fast reactor (LFR) technology.

MYRRHA as an accelerator driven system

MYRRHA is conceived as an accelerator driven system (ADS), able to operate in sub-critical and critical modes. It contains a proton accelerator of 600 MeV, a spallation target and a multiplying core with MOX fuel, cooled by liquid lead-bismuth (Pb-Bi).

The MYRRHA design