The scope of MYRRHA

Since its creation in 1952, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK•CEN, has played a pioneering role in the conception, the design, the realisation and the operation of large nuclear infrastructures in Europe and worldwide. SCK•CEN has successfully operated these facilities at all times thanks to the high degree of qualification and competence of its personnel and by inserting these facilities in European and international research networks, contributing hence to the development of crucial aspects of nuclear energy at international level.

MYRRHA will replace the BR2 MTR

One of SCK•CEN's flagships is the BR2 reactor, a flexible multipurpose materials testing reactor (MTR). This reactor is in operation since 1962 and has proven to be an excellent research tool for material research for fission and fusion reactors, fuel research, reactor safety, reactor technology and for the production of radioisotopes for medical and industrial applications.

SCK•CEN is working since several years at the design of MYRRHA, a multi-purpose flexible irradiation facility, to replace the BR2 MTR. This innovative accelerator driven system (ADS) will support future oriented research projects and applications needed to sustain the technological advancement of society and the future of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre .

MYRRHA within the European Research Area of Experimental Reactors

SCK•CEN is positioning MYRRHA as one of the corner stones of the European Research Area of Experimental Reactors (ERAER). As stated in the Strategic Research Agenda of the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), Europe can only retain its worldwide leading position in the field of reactor technology and related future developments, if it provides for the necessary research infrastructure. In practice, this will require the complete renewal of the ERAER, which will be based on three pillars:

  • Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) in Cadarache (France)
  • PALLAS in Petten (the Netherlands)
  • MYRRHA in Mol (Belgium)

MYRRHA within the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative

In the framework of the Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) plan, the nuclear stakeholders within SNETP have defined the priorities for the nuclear industrial initiative focussed on fast reactors and closed fuel cycle. For more information, please consult the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) Concept Paper.

ESNII roadmap
ESNII roadmap

MYRRHA will fulfil the role of European Technology Pilot Plant (ETPP) in the roadmap for the development of the lead fast reactor (LFR) technology. As a flexible irradiation facility MYRRHA will support the development of the different fast reactor (FR) systems: SFR (Sodium), LFR (Lead) and GFR (Gas).